Bing Baking App Review

By Ashlea Read (and Mummy)

Bing Baking App 800 592


Ashlea loves this app, she loves Bing and was very exciting to bake with him. She enjoyed rolling out the dough and cutting shapes but it was the decorating that she enjoyed the most. I have never seen so many different toppings on a gingerbread biscuit but she managed to squeeze them all on.



Once you have decorated your biscuits you can then 'eat them'. which was a great sense of assusement for us as Ashlea held the tablet to her mouth and pretended to eat the biscuit as it dissapeard from the screen.


The only downside to this app is that it can take a little while to load but it didnt really cause us too many issues and im sure it can vary depending on which devices you use. I hope in future there are more options as to what to bake but thats just for me, Ashlea is happy just baking biscuits and for the age group it is aimed at, it is perfect.

I would recomend this app to any parents with toddlers, whether they are Bing fans or not but as Ashlea was already a fan she was very excited when she saw Bing and Flop and she will play this app on a daily basis.